Happy New Year!!! 2016

New Year + Me = Endless Possibilities.

Greetings everyone! I hope your holiday festivities were delightful. 🙂

2015 was a huge huge year for me. I reached a healthy weight and moved on to striving to live life fully every day finishing my Golden Year Project in the process. During this time I have really come to appreciate how life is truly a journey and is always moving forwards. As such, I intend to continue striving to be the best version of myself, including taking better care of my health.

One of the foundations of good health is a good diet which is supported by cooking skills. Historically speaking, cooking and I have rarely seen eye-to-eye. My juvenile culinary attempts long resulted in burned water, salty cookies, dusty gingerbread, scrambled pancakes, and, the one my siblings won’t let me forget, the puke-tastic peanut butter balls. (How was I to know that substituting half the ingredients would result in tragedy???)

But as a sign of the times, there have been changes which give me cause to update my perception of my abilities. Over the past six months I have surprised myself by showing an aptitude for preparing edible food, meals even, for the consumption of others. My most recent successes have merited accolades from formerly skeptical family members. Which leads me to my main resolution for 2016…

I am going Paleo. 🙂

I wish you all a wonderful 2016.

Thanks for reading!



In Treacherous Waters…

Sigh…. It snowed all day, the roads are absolutely treacherous, I didn’t get much sleep, work was exhausting and today was also the last day to register in person for this swimming class I wanted to take as a part of my New Year’s Resolutions… 


I was really tempted to call it quits as I neared my parent’s street. I had already been in traffic that was moving at less than 10MPH for over an hour and had a killer headache but I realized something. If I give up every time I reach an obstacle, I will never get anywhere in any area of my life. Ever. So I thought to myself, “I said I wanted to take this class, I am going to get there by hook or crook to sign up for it.” and with that resolve, I continued down the snowy road.

There will always be a stressful day, uncooperative weather, exhaustion… etc etc etc to prevent you from reaching your goals. What are you going to do about it?

-Anna San♄

Happy New Year!!! 2014

2014 is finally here! I hope everyone had a safe and joyful Christmas.

Today is the traditional day for the mother of all resolutions: The New Year’s Resolution. *collective gasp*

I really like new years resolutions because it helps me focus on what’s important to me. Do I successfully finish my list every year? No. Do I “mess up” and have to get back on track? Of course I do. The importance isn’t about perfectly executing whats on the list as it is being proactive and growing as a person to achieve those goals.

This year my goal is to form a healthier and more active lifestyle starting with some very basic foundation steps:

  • Saying “No” with conviction
  • Getting my morning started by getting my heart rate up. (Such as jogging in place while waiting for the coffee to finish brewing)
  • Choosing a sport I would like to learn and pursue it. (Maru and I want to learn how to swim)
  • Start power walking around the block – as weather allows (we currently have a foot of snow here)
  • Learn how to make healthy meals at home.
  • Do something different daily.

If you haven’t made your list yet I hope mine helps you plan yours!

Cheers to the new year!

-Anna San♄