Lovely Complex Anime

It’s been a long time but I’ve started watching Lovely Complex again. At its very core it is a romantic comedy series about a tall girl (Risa Koizumi) liking a short guy (Atsushi Otani).


Factoid: Lovely Complex is particularly notable as the manga-ka Aya Nakahara wrote the dialogue completely in Osaka-ben.

When Shojo Beat previewed the manga back in May 2007 I went nuts for the series! I read all I could online, looked up pictures, found the anime, wanted to be the voice actress for the English version and even made fanart, pixels and a fanpage. Yep. It was awesome. In fact, I still own the entire 17 volume manga series and have no plans on getting rid of it. It’s just that good. :3


2nd AMV

Anime: Lovely Complex aka Love Com
Audio: Unknown. It was an intro to a free 5 minute long remix I had gotten from MySpace Music a while back. However the audio information was lost. :/ Is that common? If you know where its from, please let me know!
Video Editing Software: Window Movie Maker

Whoo! My second AMV! I don’t like this one nearly as much as the first one I did because I rushed it. *hangs head* The idea was to take all the basketball scenes from Lovely Complex and make a visual story out of the clips which was to show how Koizumi’s feelings changed for Otani as he played against Maity-sama.