Birthstone Ring Hunt…

Birthstone Ring Hunt...

Hello everyone~

I lost an important ring and am trying to replace it. I had received a ring like the one in the picture in 2001 except in 10kt yellow gold with a “sapphire” stone. Unfortunately the store that it was purchased from no longer exists and this picture is the closest match I have been able to find on the interwebs. Has anyone seen a ring like this?


Finished! Rainbow Cross-stitch

Finished! Rainbow Cross-stitch

Purchased this cute mini cross-stitch kit from Walmart last year for $1 and finally completed it today! Took me nearly a week to do but that’s okay!

Not long after I brought the kit home, I opened it up – and promptly lost the instructions. (Oh noes! How could I ever complete it??? oAo) However I’ve been working with mini cross-stitch kits since I was a tween and know a little something-something. 😉 (I just followed the picture)

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San