Tako-chan Cell Strap in Blue


Haven’t made any new ones in a while, so I made this little guy! Tako-chan is made from pearl cotton, polyester fiberfill, acrylic safety eyes and an awesome lobster clasp cell strap for easy cellphone attachment.


Aren’t they cute? :3


Newest Little Friend ~<3


(I ♥ Fantail Goldfish!)

Introducing my newest little friend who is currently nameless! (Oh noes! D:)

He is a 1″ orange and white fantail goldfish from Petco and is just soo cute!!! X3 Bubble and Squeak were pretty jealous when I was letting him out of the bag – they kept getting in the way! But they are good sports and are already adjusting to having him around. :3

Have I Earned Your Approval Tako-san?

Call me crazy, but once again I have completed 14 Tako-san keychains in one weekend!


Mint, Lavender, Matcha, Cream, Beige, Peach, ROYGTP, Pink, POYGTP, Navy, Dark Blue, Blue, Teal, and Chocolate.

With a grand total of 41 currently available for Youmacon, I only have 34 more keychains to go! 😀