Tako-san in MSU Colors!

Tako-san in MSU Colors!

One of my coworkers requested a Tako-san in MSU colors to give to a Spartan fan. I hope she likes it!

(If you’re interested in requesting a tako-san in your favorite team’s colors, just use the Kawaii Custom two-tone Tako-san listing in my Etsy shop!)

More Cuteness Has Arrived!

After waiting and waiting and waiting my packages finally came!

Jolly Mushroom Creations

Just as with my last purchase, Luna included a little note, business card and the amigurumi goldfish was packed in a little washi taped necklace box with lucky stars.


Goldfish with lucky stars

The goldfish is adorable, however the size has been the biggest surprise….


Pic from Jolly Mushroom Creations on Etsy


My own ample palm

…Luna’s hand must be pretty small. No matter. Cute is cute and soon Mr. Goldfish will be attached to my Board of Awesome. >:}

Indigo Crochet

I like Indigo Crochets approach to octopi as it’s sweet and differs from my own.


octopus in packaging


Hot Pink Octopus by Indigo Crochet

This little octopus is sized how I expected – though I was expecting a ribbon attached to it as I had ordered it as an ornament. Instead it came with a wire hook. I will survive somehow… :p


Amigurumi Octopus Collection from other Esty-ans

Now I’m waiting on one more amigurumi purchase in the mail. ūüėõ

Sugar Bunny Shop Cuteness

Sugar Bunny Shop had some awesome coupons out for Black Friday and I just couldn’t resist purchasing some more cuteness! x3 (FYI I’m testing out my new camera – still need to figure out the lighting!)


Uber cute buttons featuring puddle bunnies, cupcake kitties and friends!


Cupcake Kitties Lanyard :3


Swiss Cake Roll bunnies! I love the expression on the pink bunny’s face!


Mashimaro Coffee Mug


Puddle Bunny Plush! It’s soo chubby!


And it has a big fluffy tail!

Sugar Bunny Shop items are soo cute~! (Thank goodness Black Friday only comes once a year!)

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San‚ô•

Octocat in Blue

Hope you’ve had a fantastic Black Friday! I know I have! Alas this is not the post where I’ll be sharing my deals. ūüėČ

Today I mailed out my first Octocat order! So happy-!:D


Octocat ready to be sent home with some promotional literature :3

Of course before I did that I had to get a few good comparison shots in…


Octocat VS Pandapus


Tako-san VS Octocat

Aww they look so cute together! x3

Everything Anna Shop has a new coupon out! Enter HOLIPALOOZA to receive 25% off your order of $10 or more!

Jolly Mushroom Creations

Look what arrived in the mail~! Amis from Jolly Mushroom Creations on Etsy! So small I can cup them all in one hand. No foolin’.


My favorite would have to be the Ghost as it reminds me of a ghost I drew in one of my sketchbooks years ago and second would be the octopus but as everyone knows I like cute octopi. :> And horror of horrors – Luna just restocked the cute goldfish ami I really wanted! Nuuu… oh the cruelty!

Countdown to Youmacon!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Only two days until Youmacon is here!!! Today I had Nina help tack my sailor collar into place on my shirt and picked up my business cards from Staples. I still have a few last minute details to attend to before everything is packed up for the convention, such as 1″ buttons – which I just picked up the printouts for, my tie for my “cosplay” and my headbands of course! ;u; With help, I will get there! ¬†

Tonight’s features are….


Cute Takoko hair clips


Tako-kun plush


Comparison chart I promised a while back.
Left: Tako-san | Middle: Tako-kun | Right: Brain Tako :3



Everything Anna will be @ Youmacon Artist Alley @ Cobo Center November 1st and 2nd!!! \^o^/

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