Mochi Icecream – Cooking With Dog

Ah, mochi icecream, how I love you so! I’ve mentioned it in my blog posts Mochi Icecream! and Japanese Snacks and a Daruma but here is an actual video on how to make it by the Youtube channel CookingWithDog. I haven’t tried making it myself – though I’m really tempted!

Does anyone know where to get sweet rice flour locally?



Mochi Icecream!


Went to China Capital Arts today at our local mall and discovered a new item – mochi icecream! 😀 Available in Black Sesame, Red Bean, Green Tea, Chocolate, and Vanilla. I chose vanilla and Maru chose green tea (as pictured). Mine was really yummy and finished it before I even thought about taking a picture! Thank goodness Maru is a slow eater and that Nina had her camera along~!♥