Learning to Fly

For those of you who are visiting for the first time, I started my weight loss journey on January 1st 2014 and lost 11lbs in two months. My weight loss stalled as my activity level went down and ended up gaining back 7lbs over 4 months as I started believing the lie that I couldn’t change. After taking time to reflect on whats most important to me, I refocused and shed those regained pounds in August and recommitted on September 1st, this time with God as my partner. I got a gym membership, boosted my activity level from zero, and slowly changed my eating habits. Now I’m swimming three days a week and am maintaining a 1200 calorie diet. I have lost 22lbs since I recommitted and God has been with me every step of the way.

Angel Wing Necklace

Angel Wing Necklace: A gift from my sister. 🙂

Since the beginning of this year I have completed three 6 week sessions of swimming classes and transitioned into private lessons so I could learn the Butterfly stroke. It’s also known as Fly because of how fast you “fly” across the pool.

Butterfly has been a challenge to learn and requires a great deal of strength – something that I currently don’t have much of. My pulls are weak, I breathe too often and my dolphin kick could be more fluid, but I see improvement every time I swim which keeps me wanting to try. 🙂 A recent cause for excitement was when I finally felt the “snap” in my butterfly stroke. I was stoked! 😀

Last week my instructor had me do a stamina building exercise called ladders which is going to help with all my strokes. Although it wasn’t pretty, I completed it having swum over 700 yards. Compared to when I first started swimming, I really am flying!

Big Girls Do Cry

This journey has been a massively emotional process. With every benchmark I am seeing more and more changes in myself which is exciting yet really scary all at the same time. I marvel at my slim wrists then have to cover them up in discomfort. The questions lurks in the back of my mind, “Who is this person? Do I know her?” I’ve been heavy for so long it’s ingrained in my psyche that I’m a fat sedentary woman, but the figure in the mirror is stating otherwise.

My recent tearful moment was when I went to the store to find new jeans. I tried on an 18, nope too big. I tried on a 16, ehh too baggy. Then I tried on the 14 misses and it fit. I felt the past six years roll away as I looked in the mirror and I cried. I am truly becoming a new creation and I ask for God’s continued blessing on my efforts to transform my life.

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San


The Blessings of Weight Loss

Good morning and happy Sunday everyone!

I have been blessed from my weight loss journey this past week and just wanted to share with you the things I am most thankful for.

More energy!
Yay! Finally! I went to a concert with my sister on Friday night and was actually energetic instead of my usual “This-sucks-I’m-exhausted-please-let me go to bed” demeanor. And although it sounds rude, in the past I was truly dead tired and would actually fall asleep while at other peoples homes due to my chronic fatigue. Talk about embarrassing…

My carpal tunnel has been non-existent this month and I have been able to work on crochet and knit projects for my coworkers. This is good also for my Etsy as I am able to work on new items. Yay! 😀

Physical Changes
I have been noticing that my body has been slimming down as a whole but the change in some areas are more obvious than others. Such as delightfully slimmer wrists and toned calves. 🙂 I’ve also noticed a dip in my arm that I have never seen before and my newest one – I can actually see the knuckle on my thumb! Woot!

Personal Victories
I have now passed my previous food tracking record of 14 days! I can do it and I am! It is now my goal to use every page of my 60-day food journal. 🙂

Doctor’s scales can be mean, however when I went for a followup appointment on Tuesday even her scale showed that I’ve dropped 12 pounds since I saw her one month ago. The doctor actually said that this is the lowest weight that I’ve been since I started going to her office 5 years ago! Wow!

I have declined candy, cake, ice cream, cookies and pizza this week. They are really tempting – believe me! But I want to be healthy more than the momentary joy that food can produce. My besties this week have been tea and lemon water.

When I started in September I knew that I couldn’t take this journey alone, so I asked Jesus to accompany me. I call on his assistance every day to help me stay strong and on track. When I encounter difficulties, I ask for his aid to see me through. Jesus is the best support I could ever have!

From the scale…
I have lost a total of 27lbs this year. 🙂 17.2 pounds to go until my 20%.

Final Thought: Motivation
One thing that I’ve learned over the last few months is that motivation is a procrastinator’s crutch. Motivation comes later after you have already started your journey to help keep you going. You don’t generally start anything with it – I know I didn’t have any when I started! Instead of waiting for motivation to inspire you, reflect on what change you want to see, make a decision, commit to it and start doing. Motivation will come as you start seeing results. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San