More Cuteness Has Arrived!

After waiting and waiting and waiting my packages finally came!

Jolly Mushroom Creations

Just as with my last purchase, Luna included a little note, business card and the amigurumi goldfish was packed in a little washi taped necklace box with lucky stars.


Goldfish with lucky stars

The goldfish is adorable, however the size has been the biggest surprise….


Pic from Jolly Mushroom Creations on Etsy


My own ample palm

…Luna’s hand must be pretty small. No matter. Cute is cute and soon Mr. Goldfish will be attached to my Board of Awesome. >:}

Indigo Crochet

I like Indigo Crochets approach to octopi as it’s sweet and differs from my own.


octopus in packaging


Hot Pink Octopus by Indigo Crochet

This little octopus is sized how I expected – though I was expecting a ribbon attached to it as I had ordered it as an ornament. Instead it came with a wire hook. I will survive somehow… :p


Amigurumi Octopus Collection from other Esty-ans

Now I’m waiting on one more amigurumi purchase in the mail. 😛