Gaia Aquariums


Unhappy Fish

Once upon a time I was addicted to Gaia Online. My favorite haunts were zOMG!, and Gaia Aquariums. Between those two the aquarium forum was the faster way to go for earning gold. People pay real money to stock their tank with fish and have to care for them every day to make their fish happy. Happiness is achieved by adding decorations to the aquarium, feeding them and making sure that the lighting,


Lighting Settings



Music Settings

and temperature are all to their liking.


Temperature Settings

There are incompatible fish and you can have fish instantly die when you add them.


Fish died as soon as I added it to the tank. WTC?

When the aquarium health is at 100% (this takes months to achieve btw) your fish will have multiple “glows” daily which allows others to play a gold drop game called Booty Grab. Whatever they earn off your tank you also receive a percentage payout.


Highest Captured Score

I loved playing Booty Grab and was determined to build an aquarium of my own that would net me a lot of gold without having to play constantly. Unfortunately, with all the changing rules, real money “invested” and massive time commitment for tank promotion, I never reached that goal. Although somewhat disappointing,ย I am glad that phase is over and that I have moved on to much more meaningful ventures.

Have you ever been a Gaian?

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-Anna Sanโ™ฅ

Muramasa – Kisuke!


My brother just finished the book of Monohime and is now on Kisuke! Kisuke made a few appearances in the hot springs in the Book of Monohime and is a twerpy looking former Iga ninja who has lost his memory. Apparently we are supposed to dig up information on his past but… I’m already like. “SIGH. Kisuke is soo boring! Bring back Monohime!” Lol. He also has this annoying showoff-y habit of throwing his sheath up into the air and catching it perfectly with his sword. Gahhh… >.<

Have you played this book of Muramasa the Demon Blade? (Does it get more interesting?)

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One fateful Saturday morning I awoke to game sounds I had never heard before. My brother was 5 levels into Muramasa the Demon Blade for the Nintendo Wii. Captivated, I settled myself onto my usual perch and enjoyed watching him play. ๐Ÿ™‚


My brother hasn’t gotten far enough into the game to see the dude on the right.


This is pretty close to when I started watching my brother. As you can see ,the backgrounds are fantastic!


Once again the backgrounds are amazing. This room reminds me of the rustic tea houses.


Interesting foes.


One of my favorite parts: breaking in and stealing! Whenever we saw an open door we’d both be like “Oooo. Yoink!”

Muramasa is chock full of Japanese spirits, ninja and …harlots. An interesting play to be sure but I’m more than happy to just watch. ๐Ÿ™‚

Meet Sue the Pac Ghost Pinewood Derby Car

As I tweetedย the other day, I started painting my personal pinewood derby car. You may be wondering why I’m working on one when it’s generally used for Cub Scouts or the Awana program so here’s a little back story.

My older brother Bob’s current hobby is collecting and making pinewood derby cars. He has built and modified several dozen cars and has helped our younger brothers get theirs on the track for the last two years. You can see some of his cars on hisย deviantART. Our Cub Scout pack has an outlaw race for parents to make and race their own pinewood cars with no restrictions besides it having four wheels and having to meet the 5 ounce maximum. This special after-race was created so that parents wouldn’t be tempted to illegally modify their child’s car therefore disqualifying them from the race.

After blowing away the “outlaw” competition last month, Bob was interested in seeing what we his siblings could come up with and gave each of us a pinewood block. I had quite a time coming up with something and just doodled idea after idea on my block. When I was doodling my second to last idea it suddenly dawned on me. Out of all the classic game characters, I like the shape of the Pac Ghost’s best! So I drew out my design and Bob cut it out for me and then the rest was up to me. ๐Ÿ™‚


But which one would I choose? Inky? Blinky? Pinky? …Clyde? I was thinking maybe Pinky since she would match my wall of awesome but then I decided to go with a little known Pac Ghost. Sue, or in the Japanese Suu. Sue actually takes the place of Clyde in Ms. Pacman and is purple in only one version this game. How do I know about this? Lol, look at the picture below. ๐Ÿ™‚


Found this pin last year at the local trade center and had to pick it up. I had never seen a purple one before and decided to do a little research. So Sue it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

paint_items painted_block painted_eyesย painted_pupilsfinished_pacghost

finished_pacghost-inspirationSo there you have it. I hope you enjoyed my little project as much as I did!