Octocat in Blue

Hope you’ve had a fantastic Black Friday! I know I have! Alas this is not the post where I’ll be sharing my deals. ūüėČ

Today I mailed out my first Octocat order! So happy-!:D


Octocat ready to be sent home with some promotional literature :3

Of course before I did that I had to get a few good comparison shots in…


Octocat VS Pandapus


Tako-san VS Octocat

Aww they look so cute together! x3

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Peaceful in Pink Origami Cranes

Purchase #2: Origami Cranes

Also a purchase from Wendy’s Origami on Etsy, these itty bitty pink fabric cranes came in a set of ten and was packed in a light pink organza bag with a little story card about Sadako.


Sadako was a little girl who suffered from leukemia after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima during World War II. She believed that folding 1000 cranes would grant her wish to be healthy. Sadly she passed away before she completed her project.


This is a purchase that speaks directly to my lack of paper folding ability. I had decided to fold¬†1000 cranes¬†earlier this year and had even¬†ordered the paper¬†when …I gave up. I had made my first crane and tore it’s wing in the process! Poor crane never had a chance at a normal life!¬†T^T


I’ll get back to that project eventually. Anywho….

Thanks for reading!

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Cute Cell Charms from Tessa-chan Designs


Lookie what arrived in the mail today! Adorable felt cell charms from Tessa-chan Designs on Etsy! They may not look it, but each one has some of the teensiest stitches I’ve ever seen and they are soo cute! (Stitching so small would try even my patience!) XD

These are totally going on my Board of Awesome!

I’m Reading Japanese!



Whoops! False alarm. This novelty tee by¬†IMPORKCHOPtee¬†gives you the illusion that you have made more progress with your Japanese studies than you really have! Guess I should really hit the books again… =3=

In case you’re wondering… this is a nonsensical blended string of hiragana and katakana characters. :p Wanna jumpstart your kana skills? Check out these awesome charts by TextFugu! Hiragana Katakana