Countdown to Youmacon!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Only two days until Youmacon is here!!! Today I had Nina help tack my sailor collar into place on my shirt and picked up my business cards from Staples. I still have a few last minute details to attend to before everything is packed up for the convention, such as 1″ buttons – which I just picked up the printouts for, my tie for my “cosplay” and my headbands of course! ;u; With help, I will get there!  

Tonight’s features are….


Cute Takoko hair clips


Tako-kun plush


Comparison chart I promised a while back.
Left: Tako-san | Middle: Tako-kun | Right: Brain Tako :3



Everything Anna will be @ Youmacon Artist Alley @ Cobo Center November 1st and 2nd!!! \^o^/

1 Washington Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48226

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Brain Takos!

Despite it being so close to the convention I have pulled off making a couple more Brain Tako! In case you missed my last few posts about them, the Brain Takos are my amigurumi octopus hair clip pals which are made from cotton yarn. These guys are bigger than Tako-san but not as big as Tako-kun. You can see the comparison in my Brain Tako! post.


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Lavender, Pink, Light Pink and Peach.

After Youmacon is over, the Brain Takos will be added to my Etsy shop as a regular item~! So stay tuned! :3
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Tiny, tinier, tiniest! Introducing Tako-tan!


Introducing Tako-tan the newest and smallest member of my octopus family! Tako-tan measures in at an incredibly tiny 1/3″ tall and 3/4″ wide, is made from Egyptian cotton, uber tiny plastic eyes and polyester fiberfill. 


Tako-tan, Tako-chan, Little Tako-san, Tako-san (new), Tako-san (old)

***Sorry – Tako-sama couldn’t fit in this picture! Maybe next time?***

Kawaii Ichigo! Cute Crochet Strawberry~

Kawaii Ichigo!  Cute Crochet Strawberry~

I was inspired to crochet my own cute strawberry when I came across some misshapen crocheted strawberries online last night. (Surely it can’t be that hard to crochet a strawberry – right?) Lol! Was I in for a trip! I worked on it for 3 hours straight while watching Kamisama Kiss on Funimation’s website. Sure I had to pull it out a dozen times but it is finished!!! This will be going into my shop soon – just not today. 🙂