Mochi Icecream – Cooking With Dog

Ah, mochi icecream, how I love you so! I’ve mentioned it in my blog posts Mochi Icecream! and Japanese Snacks and a Daruma but here is an actual video on how to make it by the Youtube channel CookingWithDog. I haven’t tried making it myself – though I’m really tempted!

Does anyone know where to get sweet rice flour locally?


Japanese Bento~!

An oldie but goodie from Cooking With Dog! 🙂 If you haven’t watched any videos from this YouTube channel you must go now! I have followed along with this video before (when it was new) and my favorite and most successfully recreated part of the bento was the potato salad! After my initial taste test I whipped up a large batch for my family and they loved it too! Japanese potato salad for the win!