Brain Takos!

Despite it being so close to the convention I have pulled off making a couple more Brain Tako! In case you missed my last few posts about them, the Brain Takos are my amigurumi octopus hair clip pals which are made from cotton yarn. These guys are bigger than Tako-san but not as big as Tako-kun. You can see the comparison in my Brain Tako! post.


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Lavender, Pink, Light Pink and Peach.

After Youmacon is over, the Brain Takos will be added to my Etsy shop as a regular item~! So stay tuned! :3
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Hand Sewing Projects~

Hi everyone! Sorry for the quick posts lately – training has been really wearing me out! Thankfully it’s the weekend and I have time to catch up on a little R&R and resume some Youmacon preparations! 

This little yellow bow is the one-off sample for an idea I had for updating the little bows I make.
The Verdict: The blanket stitching looks cool but takes too long to stitch. Keeping current pattern.


If you remember my cute octopus Takoko from this blog post – she is now being made in an array of colors for the convention. I can’t wait to see these finished!

Hope you’ve had a fabulous Saturday!