Believe – Cross Stitch

Decided it was time to start on this cute cross stitch kit that I picked up last year. Can’t wait to see it finished!


Octocat in Blue

Hope you’ve had a fantastic Black Friday! I know I have! Alas this is not the post where I’ll be sharing my deals. 😉

Today I mailed out my first Octocat order! So happy-!:D


Octocat ready to be sent home with some promotional literature :3

Of course before I did that I had to get a few good comparison shots in…


Octocat VS Pandapus


Tako-san VS Octocat

Aww they look so cute together! x3

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I <3 Rock Candy!


What is the best part of this nostalgic treat? The flavored sugar crystals, the assortment of colors, the decorative stick or where it was purchased from? For me it’s a combination of all these elements.

Situated on the corner of Eureka and Middlebelt in Romulus, Blocks farm market is only open for a short time in late spring and from the end of July to mid October giving you a great price on locally grown plants and produce as well as offering a variety of Michigan made food items. And of course my favorite part: the jar of rock candy right as you’re checking out. Rock candy please! :3

Board of Awesome :3

I’ve made multiple references to my “board of awesome” over the past six months and here it is!
Board of Awesome :3

Filled with cute and colorful items made by myself and others, my board rests just above my computer screen…


…so whenever I need a pick-me-up, I just have to take in the eye candy to feel better. :3


Cute Shopping List:

Michelle Coffee – Chibi taco and floppies.
Mint Daffodil – Red and orange octopuses.
AmiAmore – Takochu and narwhal.
Pocket Sushi – Minipuses, Jumbo Minipus, pink strawberry, candy corn, ice cream cones, panda, chubby dragon button…
Pennagenda – Macaron purse
Sugar Bunny Shop – Umbrella Bears charm, puddle bunny button and swag
ASE vendor – Pink turtle
Unknown Artist (Youmacon) – Cute food and octopus buttons
Family Christian Store – Inspirational cards
Unknown Seller from Japan – Three Totoro Charm. :3

Thanks for reading!