6th week!

It’s hard to believe, but this Saturday is going to be my last swimming class! Where’d the time go???

I started swimming laps last Saturday and it’s not pretty. Even though I have made sure to breathe through my mouth, I still get water up my nose and the lap ends abruptly. Not fun. Dave has been giving some suggestions about humming or ballooning my cheeks when I swim. To be honest I’m really not that great of a multi-tasker. I will give it a try however I’m also going to bring along the nose plug that came with my goggles. (It looks sooooooooo weird!!!)

Getting Along Swimmingly


Maru and I had our first swimming lesson this morning at the Romulus Athletic Center. The facility is very nice and it’s exterior is similarly styled to Detroit Metro Airport’s MacNamara terminal. We arrived 10 minutes to 8, however with getting our gear on and stuff stashed in a locker we were late getting out to the pool… >_>;

The class was low key with only 5 students and lead by a young male instructor named Dave.  Just having his insight about swimming basics helped me understand what I’ve been doing wrong since I took lessons as a kid. (No wonder I was always getting water up my nose!) After trying out floats, glides and backstroke, the instructor said since our class is progressing fast we will start in the lap pool next week! Can’t wait!

In Treacherous Waters…

Sigh…. It snowed all day, the roads are absolutely treacherous, I didn’t get much sleep, work was exhausting and today was also the last day to register in person for this swimming class I wanted to take as a part of my New Year’s Resolutions… 


I was really tempted to call it quits as I neared my parent’s street. I had already been in traffic that was moving at less than 10MPH for over an hour and had a killer headache but I realized something. If I give up every time I reach an obstacle, I will never get anywhere in any area of my life. Ever. So I thought to myself, “I said I wanted to take this class, I am going to get there by hook or crook to sign up for it.” and with that resolve, I continued down the snowy road.

There will always be a stressful day, uncooperative weather, exhaustion… etc etc etc to prevent you from reaching your goals. What are you going to do about it?

-Anna San