Tako-chan Cell Strap in Blue


Haven’t made any new ones in a while, so I made this little guy! Tako-chan is made from pearl cotton, polyester fiberfill, acrylic safety eyes and an awesome lobster clasp cell strap for easy cellphone attachment.


Aren’t they cute? :3



Kawaii Ichigo! Cute Crochet Strawberry~

Kawaii Ichigo!  Cute Crochet Strawberry~

I was inspired to crochet my own cute strawberry when I came across some misshapen crocheted strawberries online last night. (Surely it can’t be that hard to crochet a strawberry – right?) Lol! Was I in for a trip! I worked on it for 3 hours straight while watching Kamisama Kiss on Funimation’s website. Sure I had to pull it out a dozen times but it is finished!!! This will be going into my shop soon – just not today. 🙂