Sugar Bunny Shop Cuteness

Sugar Bunny Shop had some awesome coupons out for Black Friday and I just couldn’t resist purchasing some more cuteness! x3 (FYI I’m testing out my new camera – still need to figure out the lighting!)


Uber cute buttons featuring puddle bunnies, cupcake kitties and friends!


Cupcake Kitties Lanyard :3


Swiss Cake Roll bunnies! I love the expression on the pink bunny’s face!


Mashimaro Coffee Mug


Puddle Bunny Plush! It’s soo chubby!


And it has a big fluffy tail!

Sugar Bunny Shop items are soo cute~! (Thank goodness Black Friday only comes once a year!)

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San


Modded ‘Shroom Bunny – Pocket Sushi

A while back  I got this cute yet somewhat disturbing limbless bunny charm from Pocket Sushi. Since I keep my collection of awesome on my cork-board I look at that bunny every day. No joke.


“Aww it’s a bunny ‘shroom.” “It’s a bunny ‘shroom – It doesn’t have any legs.” “The bunny ‘shroom doesn’t have legs.”

To make a long and dull story short, I decided to give it limbs!


However in my quest for “cute” I think I made it even creepier! XD