How do you get to Japan?

So the other night I dreamt that I finally bought my ticket to Japan!!! My sisters and I were waiting to board the plane when we realized the flight wouldn’t be leaving for six hours and went home to do something… When we came back, we found out that our departure gate changed and had the stress of locating it. Stress dreamssss…

Anywho, I found some helpful videos on getting ready for my trip to Japan! \^o^/

  • Passport ✓
  • Visa Exemption Program – Round-trip Ticket (Delta, Narita Airport)
  • Money or credit card (in progress)
  • Address and phone number of residence (???)

  • Call Credit Card Company
  • Get Up to date with Vaccinations

One thing that is nice is that I’m only looking at a 7 day trip = 2 days travelling and 5 days in Japan.

Internet boards suggest having ¥10,000 allotted for each day of the trip. I don’t know how accurate this is, but hey. It’s a starting point.

At this time I am unsure of when this trip is going to be made – most likely around August. The majority of the trip will be spent in Tokyo – even though I also wanted to visit all the popular anime referenced areas such as Kyoto, Osaka, Hokkaido… but I am not made of money. Boo.

Any thoughts on what I should bring with me or where I should go?

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San