Countdown to Youmacon!

The countdown to Youmacon has begun! Only five days left until the big day and I have a lot yet to do! Over the next few days I will be posting a representation of items that will be offered at the convention this year.


Ribbon Bell


Silly Soot Sprite Cell Charm

Remember: Youmacon runs from the October 31st through November 3rd! I will be in the Artist’s Alley in Cobo on the 1st and the 2nd! Hope to see you there!

Youmacon 2013 is a GO!!!


Huzzah! Everyone mark your calendars! Youmacon 2013 will be October 31st- November 3rd at the Marriott in the Renaissance Center and Cobo Center in Detroit! (Artist Alley will be located in Cobo) Check out Youmacon’s website for detailed information!

Let the (serious) crafting commence! 😀