Welcome Emmett!

Today was the baby shower for my cousin’s soon-to-be-here son Emmett. Having purchased for numerous showers and causes in the past, I am a snob when it comes to baby clothing. I only like Carter’s brand because they have quality items and the softest fabric. Alas even with Carter’s I was finding that they had prints that were scratchy so I had to touch every piece of baby clothing in J. C. Penny’s before I fell in love with this little set…

TBH there is nothing quite like a good bear hug – and the fact that it is camping themed doesn’t hurt. 🙂 Hope you like it Emmett!

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San


Happy First Day of Autumn! 2016

Hey everyone! 😀 I hope you had a fun summer – I know I did!

I went camping with the scouts, spent time up north, went to the beach a few times, played volleyball, went to the movies, did mini-golf, bowling, volunteered at the festival, took pictures at Crosswinds Marsh… I didn’t want it to end! But now that it is Fall, it is time to enjoy the new season. 🙂 To celebrate, here is a poem I wrote in high school. :p

Beautiful leaves

falling down,

on the ground


in people’s hair.

Beautiful falling leaves. 

What is your favorite part of Autumn?

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

Happy Birthday Sissy!

My sister wanted a double chocolate cake with sprinkles for her birthday, so I offered to make it.

Always the one for a challenge, I located a scratch recipe that called for espresso powder to deepen the chocolate flavor in both the cake and frosting. 🙂 I also decided it was time for me to try my hand at strawberry roses…


The finished product turned out pretty well, and my sister enjoyed every bite! Happy Birthday Sarah!

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

Cactus Pear

Recently I decided to try cactus pears (prickly pears) because they were on special for two for a dollar. 🙂 First step after purchasing was to figure out how to eat it. Since none of my family or friends were familiar with this fruit, I found a video on YouTube…

Armed with knowledge, I attacked my pear.


Very pretty. :3


The flavor is unlike anything I’ve ever had before, slightly sweet, fleshy…  The plentiful seeds are a great source of fiber, but were too hard to chew so I spat them out! XD

One word of caution, the little spots on the fruit have itty bitty little pricklies. I rubbed my finger the wrong way on one and was irritating for quite a while afterwards. -.-;

To conclude, it was inexpensive, fun, and I would totally try cactus pears again.

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

Love Yourself

Some of you who followed my blog during my weight loss days may be wondering what happened with that…

The truth of the matter is I really hurt myself by losing 40 pounds in 5 months on a mental, physical and spiritual level and have been working on healing ever since. As a part of this process, my epic 56lb loss is currently at a 41lb maintained loss. On one hand it is really sad that the gain happened, but I am in such a better state than I was last year.

Last summer when I had no choice but to switch to maintenance, I was deathly afraid of gaining weight again and slowed the healing process by not eating enough, not getting enough rest and started saying “I hate you” to myself. I was frustrated and far removed from the person who had completely entrusted the weight loss to God the year before. It has truly been a lesson in humility and gratitude. God gave me my life back through the weight loss achieved, but didn’t love me any more for being slim. Being slim didn’t make me a better person or a better witness to Christ – I was too worried about myself and trying to find the perfect combination of food and exercise that would help me lose another 30lbs. I’ve realized since then that sometimes being a witness to Christ is as simple as just being present, listening to others and allowing yourself to be a response to prayer. If you’re constantly unavailable and only focused on yourself, how can you be Christ to others?

A part of the mental healing was learning to accept myself. For example earlier this year I was still stuck in the past, particularly my 18th year, the age of “perfection” which was when I wasn’t ancient, was at my smallest, was vibrant, full of imagination, energy and curiosity, loving my art classes and filled with big ideas for the future. Seriously, if you gave me the opportunity to go back in time with my current knowledge and live it over again, I would have taken it in a heartbeat. I felt I had nothing to lose but the undesirable and everything to gain. However, it is not possible and this idea plagued me for months as it didn’t sit well that I was at odds with who I am now. I brought it up in prayer and over time realized I was still beating myself up over my “wasted” years of depression, obesity, otakuism and my overall perceived uselessness. But then I was blessed with a series of amazing experiences which made me understand that if I was anyone other than who I was presently, I would have never had the same opportunity. I am still me even if I’m fluffier, I’m still competitive when I want to be and go on spontaneous adventures. It may be harder, slower, or shorter, but the extra weight doesn’t stop me from doing the things I want to do, being true to myself or being Christ to others. Just last month I was finally able to say with confidence, “I accept myself as I am and I am going to live my life right where I am.”

I am not at my goal weight or even my last year weight, but I’m okay with that. God and I will work on it when the time is right. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

Gotta Catch Em All

Once upon a month ago, I got hooked on playing Pokemon Go! To declare this love to the world I decided to crochet a pokeball. :3 So with the help of this nifty pattern and my trusty yarn stash… BAM! This dream was realized.


But as I gazed upon my handiwork, I felt something was missing. I pulled out my hammer and stamped a metal tag with “gotta catch em all”. XD



Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

Return of the Water Babies!!!

As I posted before, it is not good for the Anna to be alone, so my little tail pals have made a comeback.

This time I made sure to run the aquarium for 5 weeks with start zyme before going to the pet store so that it could build a suitable environment.


I prepared myself for fish mortality, and had the clerk just give me a scoop of 7 fish instead of meticulously picking them out. (It makes it that much harder when they pass)


When I brought them home I realized that the fish were severely ill. The clerk had given me fish from the bottom of the tank instead of strong swimming ones, stating that they were just sedated. (gullible) Once home my new little buddies burrowed into the rock and laid in a pile. Only moving if food was in the water.


One fish would notice the food in the water and rouse the rest of the pile by nudging their tails. Once done eating, they would return to their pile. Because of the number and close bond, I dubbed them the seven dwarfs.


I got the ick treatment going right away but wasn’t seeing much improvement. Their fins were still clamped and torn and they would lethargically move around the tank. The Life Guard (all illness) tablets I usually treat my goldfish with weren’t sold at the pet supply stores I was visiting, so it took 5 days before I located them at Wal-Mart of all places. Once started there was an immediate improvement seen with the fish and they started moving around.


All the fish I had were fighters, and if I was able to start them with Life Guard from day one, I’m sure they would have all made it. I’ve lost three, the last one being a little half tail called Dopey right after I returned from Summer Camp. I pegged him from day one as not going to make it, but he exceeded expectations and lasted nearly 4 weeks, longer than two of his better finned brothers.


So I am now down to 4 beautiful, healthy and growing goldfish. They have been properly named MagiKarp (the johnny carp), Ethereal, Jack, and Captain Black-eye. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San