Another Misadventure

Just added another chapter in the Misadventures of Anna San…

I stopped to try on rings at Kohls after returning an Amazon package. I was looking for a sterling silver open heart ring like on the ads on FB but a slim gold band caught my attention.

“Oooh” I breathed and immediately slipped it on. It was just my size! I oohed and ahhed at how pretty it was and looked at the sale pricing chart. Then I tried to take it off.

*cough* Yeah, it was “just” my size meaning the zip ties and card made it too snug and it wouldn’t budge! 😢After struggling for an additional 5-10 minutes to remove the ring from my swelling finger, I took it as a sign that this was ‘the one’ and sheepishly stood in the checkout line.

“This may be a silly reason to purchase something,” I told the cashier, “but it’s kind of stuck on me.”

“I have never seen that happen before!” She gasped. She was both amused and concerned for my poor finger. After scanning the card on my hand, She called another worker over and they fussed over the ring card, trying to snip the zip tie without injuring my hand. No bueno. 😫

However once I thought I felt it wiggle, one of them pulled out hand sanitizer and the ring slipped off easily!

They truly were my heroes today!

“The One” Ring XD

It’s been a rough week, but God is faithful. Thank you Lord!

Thanks for reading!