Because You Do Not Ask…

In today’s devotional the writer referenced a fictional story about a boy who God showed two warehouses of stuff. One was filled with money, cars and other worldly posessions, the other had stacks of various limbs. The worldly one represented the things people prayed for and the other with miscellaneous body parts represented answers to prayers not prayed. God wants to bless us more than we want even for ourselves, and if we don’t ask, we won’t receive.

It’s actually a challenging one to think about. How often do I neglect to pray about a basic physical ailment, yet pray for unnecessary things? Probably more than I care to admit.

Today I awoke shivering and still no fever. šŸ˜‘ After a moment of whining about the rollercoaster of “yes I’m sick – or not?” of the past 3 days I snapped out of it and looked at big picture. I thanked God for His blessing and asked for full restoration of health. Sickness isn’t in His plan, and it isn’t in mine either. šŸ™‚

Lord Jesus, thank you for the unexpected gift of health the past three days. I ask now for full healing and restoration of health as well as strength and clarity to prepare for inventory well. Amen.

“Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you.” Luke 11:9

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