It’s About Attitude

Today while I was updating price tags I happened to be by my coworker who was assisting a husband and wife with selecting glasses.

The wife had tried on cateye frames and thought they were too loud but they started growing on her. After trying a larger version of the glasses she started recounting that everytime she would try to choose a larger frame her friends would shoot it down and talk her into a smaller frame.

She was feeling a bit exasperated, ‘I have a big face and they don’t want me to wear a large frame. What type of women actually wear these?’

I turned around, looked her right in the eye and said, “Sometimes it just comes down to attitude.” And I thrust my left hip out tossed my hair and put my hand on my hip.

As a big woman myself I could empathize with her frustration. I have had many wardrobe pieces that didn’t meet the dressing room critic’s approval, but if it fits and I really like it, I take that extra bit of care to style it and just own the look. Because of my confident attitude I end up getting compliments – even from the naysayers. 😉

At a certain point you have to stop worrying about everyone’s opinion and be confident and happy with what you’re wearing. -me

I don’t know if she will purchase the cateye glasses, but if she does, I hope she gets them because she loves them. 🙂



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