Week One: Top Accomplishment

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a full week since 2020 began! I’ve been working on a variety of goals but my top accomplishment of this week was…

Completing Step One of the Magic of Tidying Up!

  • No more laundry baskets chilling on my floor!
  • All my clothes fit well and I want to wear them!
  • I actually know what I have and where they are at!
  • Shoes and accessories have been streamlined to what I like best!
  • New clothes aquired!

I dabbled with a few other steps so I can shut drawers, doors and see my floor. 😉 One crazy difference is that my alarm clock is now echoing off my bare floor making it even louder! Who knew! XD

I’ve been content with enjoying the fruit of this endeavor the past few days but will be tackling my books collection this weekend. I am a little leary of this step since I have new books I haven’t started reading yet from last year. Some of the older parts of my collection I could see parting with though… I have about 160 books on my bookcase. How many books do you think I’ll get rid of?

What was your top accomplishment for the week? 🙂