Empty Promises

I stopped by the thrift store this evening and the shelves of preowned weight loss guides got my attention. Each book claimed to be different than all the rest – a true solution for the battle of the bulge and yet there they were, gathering dust on the shelf.

It got me thinking… whether it’s weightloss, overcoming bad habits or turning our finances around, we all look for a savior to free us from our misery. Being desperate for change and wanting immediate relief often brings us into the clutches of opportunists who reel us in with lofty promises and slick marketing. Once suckered it begins to feel like there is no one worthy of trust and that we are doomed to stay the same forever. However there is a savior who speaks truth and always delivers on his promises.

He is Jesus Christ.

Unlike the marketers online, Jesus knows and loves each one of us personally. He loved us so much that he died for us! He always has our highest good in mind and has a solution to every problem we come up with.

How much different would the world be if we came to Jesus with our needs first instead of throwing money at wishful thinking and fast results?

Lord Jesus, thank you for your immense love and faithfulness. I am sorry for all the times I have jumped the gun and tried to solve my own problems without consulting you. I ask for the grace to discern calmly and logically and to call upon you first from now on. Amen.