Margin Space

Life has been non-stop this past week so even though I really wanted to run around and fill in my seasonal check boxes, I parked my caboose at home. I had time to just sit and work on the things I haven’t had time for. I tidied my bead box. I went grocery shopping. I went through the car wash. I got command strips for my new wall sconce.

I love being on the go and doing cool things! But not when it means not getting enough sleep and not getting time to reset at home. I start burning the candle at both ends and get sick. Several weeks sick. Rest is vital to the wellbeing of my person and supports my active lifestyle. If I rest well, I can work and play well. Honestly how awesome is that?

Something I read a few months ago said before bed declare what you have finished for the day to be enough and entrust all your unfinished tasks to God in prayer. I have been working to apply this to my life and it is such a relief.

Lord Jesus, I thank you for this weekend of rest. I thank you for everything I was able to complete. It is enough. For everything that still needs to be done, I entrust to Your care. Let me sleep well without worry so that I can awake renewed to take up my labor once more. I ask this in your name. Amen.

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