Fundraising? Me?

I viewed my emails and looked at a current company wide fundraiser my work is having. The objective of the fundraiser is to defray transportation cost for cancer patients. Apparently patients spend up to $1,000 a month to get a ride to all their treatments. What a burden that would be! D:

I looked at my stores donation total from last year and winced. The number was absolutely embarrassing. I considered writing a check to make sure we surpassed last years total, but it wouldn’t address the deeper issue. No one has stepped up to make this a pet project. When there is a leader they are able to share why it is important and rally support. Having that personal connection gets other people thinking, involved and working toward the goal. Long story short, I talked to my manager and am now in charge of a bake sale fundraiser for next week! I have 5 people signed up to donate baked goods and have plenty more people to pester tomorrow!

I don’t know how successful the fundraising efforts will be, however my personal goal is to reach $100 which is definitely achievable.

Please say a prayer that we get more participation!

Leave me some love!

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