Divine Inspiration

This morning I woke up and started with a litany of prayers. I want this, make opportunity there, clarify that, fix this, please resolve that… And that’s when inspiration came.

God wanted me to take cooperative action in answering my prayers. The task that came to mind was simplistic but made me realize I was afraid. After handing the fears over to the Lord, I told Him, “I’m going to start walking. Please guide my steps.”

Executing the task took all of 16 seconds. I was antsy. I rethought everything that I did and couldn’t concentrate. But my sister visited and said something out of the blue that was reassuring. I relaxed. I did my part, and it was in God’s hands now.

On my drive to the gym, I had tremendous peace and acceptance. Whatever the outcome, it would be fine. I praised Him all the way there and all the way home.

Then opportunity came.

God is so good.

Dear heavenly Father thank you for making opportunity where there was none before. You are amazing! Thank you for guiding me step by step and showing me where I needed to change. Amen.

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