A time for rest

This morning the Lord gave me pause about my plans for the day. I had my swim bag ready to go, plus I wanted to go out and about in the evening and I have my weekend filled.

The whispers of a cold that I talked about the other day are becoming murmurings and are gaining volume despite my efforts to hush them with tea, water, honey, lemon, ACV, lozenges and vitamin c. God gave me clarity to see that I had to choose between my two main objectives for the weekend. Hanging out with friends, or getting to the pool.

If I chose the pool, I would have to cancel my plans with my friends as the wet hair-cold air combo would push me into full blown cold mode. Opportunities to hang out are very rare, so I chose friends and let go of my schedule. There is a sense of disappointment however I am beginning to wonder if my past ill-timed illnesses were a form of spiritual warfare.

As you know predators tend to separate their targets from their herds and attack. The less connection I have, the more I doubt myself, second guess what I want to say and beat myself up over not being perfect. The more connected I am, the more confident I feel, am more sure in my words and let perfection take a hike as it is more important to keep doing and growing.

That in mind, what bad habits are leaving openings for the devil to exploit? The main one I can think of is not getting enough rest. If you recall Elijah had gotten tired to the point of desiring death and the Lord’s answer was to have him sleep and eat and that strengthened him for the journey. It is as true now as the day it was written. Rest and snacks keep you level and alert.

Most loving Jesus, thank you for providing clarity about my schedule and habits. I’m sorry for the times I’ve been negligent in doing your work due to staying up too late. I ask for the grace of temperence to deny myself and turn out the light and to accept that what I have accomplished for the day is enough. I ask this in your name. Amen.

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