Growing Pains

Thank you so much for your prayers!

After lunch “That’s enough of that.” suddenly came out of my mouth and I felt like myself again. It is grace. I don’t have all the answers, but I have an idea on what to work on next.

Every time God sends an internal storm my way, it is to challenge wrong or inflexible thinking and to reveal where I need to trust him more. Sometimes they are brief, less than an hour affairs. Other times they exceed a week. And there are times I pray for things …and forget that I will have to change to receive them.

One reference that I’ve been thinking about today is from the anime Soul Eater. Maka was the leader of a three person team and everyone was to match her soul resonance wavelength. One of the two refused to match her wavelength and their team failed the test. The arguing got so bad that Maka ran off and cried. After receiving direction from her teacher, she returned and had everyone match the rebels wavelength instead and they were able to complete the test successfully. Maka had to be challenged to see the big picture and change her approach by letting go of her need to control how they reached the goal.