Be Sealed with the Holy Spirit

In the Catholic church children are baptized as babies through the will of their parents and they receive the Holy Spirit. In Confirmation which usually takes place in 8th grade is when the teen decides for his or herself to make their faith their own and receive a greater infilling of the Holy Spirit when the chrism is used to seal the Holy Spirit at the hands of the bishop. 

This time it was my youngest brother Sean’s turn. 🙂 As his godmother I was super stoked to be asked to be his Sponsor for Confirmation and had to make things super special awesome for this momentous day. 😀


Gift 1: A shield shaped plaque with a verse from Ephesians


Gift 2: A cherry stained crucifix


A rose boutonierre made by myself


Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting that I made with chocolate doves that I molded


Decorated his confirmation cake. Mom made the cake. 🙂


Gifts of the Holy Spirit banner made by Christina


Holy Spirit decorations


The newly confirmed with the Bishop


Sean and I

I feel that Sean has truly felt the love and blessing of his family and friends today. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San


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