Paleo Day 3


Hey everyone! It’s day three of amazing changes! Let me just say how food has come to life in my mouth. Mmmm I’m savoring every  bite!

I know my new year’s resolution seemingly came out of the blue, but things have been in the works for a while. The diet and exercise plan I was on previously was causing serious damage to my body, and it wasn’t repairing itself. So I had to cut back, a lot. Not being active seriously frustrates my competitive spirit, but every time I try to ramp it up – I’m reminded why I’m on restricted activity. Something just hasn’t healed yet.

When my parents started their paleo journey last month, I blew it off as a fad. But upon further research and knowing what hasn’t been working with my diet really made me want to give this a go. And the lure of the clean slate of 2016 was an excellent opportunity to try out something new. 0:)

Day 1 Was shopping and research day. I went shopping based on a paleo list I found on Pop Sugar, and came across some amazing websites such as Nom Nom Paleo, Paleo Leap, and Paleoish that helped me understand what I’m getting into a bit more. I know that their recipe indexes are going to be super helpful as I get further along. 🙂
Day 2 Was me already Googling how to make paleo goodies. Yep. Paleo donut anyone? XD Just kidding.

Day 3 Which is where I am right now is me making food and working out my game plan for the work week. Yes, paleo desserts were included.

I am striving to stick to the Whole30 plan as closely as possible, but there have been a few blunders… “Wait – this had soy in it?” “Uh, this is a potato…” “Why is there added sugar in thisss…?”*cough* However as Fit Girl says, Progress not Perfection so I’m taking it one meal at a time. 🙂

Anyone else starting paleo?

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San


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