Always be Prepared

Hello everyone!

Just got back this afternoon from chaperoning an overnight camping trip with our local Boy Scout troop. Didn’t have to go too far away, as a local church was kind enough to let us use their property and facilities for this event. 🙂

The success of a troop is found in the commitment and participation of it’s members. When we realized that we were down an adult leader for this event, I immediately stepped in. I’ve never camped in the cold, but enjoy camping in general and thought it would be a “golden opportunity” to expand my repertoire. 😉

When I arrived at camp last night, it was already dark and the frigid air blew through my four layers quite effectively… The blanket and the campfires were my bestfriends.

After cracker barrel, the scouts stayed up late playing games and telling stories.

The next morning I was the first to stir and got the fire going. Gotta keep the tootsies warm. 🙂

While waiting for everyone to get up, I played with my new camera filters.

Several scouts needed to earn their cooking badge and had to prepare breakfast and lunch – which I oversaw. Partially because I was famished, and more importantly because they needed guidance. I find this quite hilarious as I am the one who doesn’t cook, yet I somehow knew more than they…

Before breaking camp, the scouts took trash bags and looked for garbage in the woods to leave the area in better condition than they found it. Some of their more interesting finds were gas cans, metal fence posts and a file drawer.


Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

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