Skateland West

Today Maru, Nina and I went to Skateland West roller rink in Westland. Over a decade has passed since I went to one last, so we thought it’d be a great sisters outing, and another ‘golden opportunity’😉

Skateland Sign

When choosing a rink, we went based on proximity + availability and discovered that the closest is Skateland West who has convenient weekend hours.



Their pricing is reasonable, $7 per 3 hour session or $10 per day which includes free skate rental. They also boast 25 cent lockers and dollar+ drinks at the concessions. 🙂

The rink was cool with the universe theme, blacklights, live DJ and multiple disco balls. The floor itself was pretty smooth, just needed to watch for the occasional rough patch and for fallen little people. 😉


…Gotta love perspective and ancient skates!

The rented skates did their job, however I would recommend bringing a personal pair for comfort …and aesthetics.


Ready for skating!

Once laced up, I was ready to go! There were quite a few regulars flying by, so I was determined to give it my best and not fall flat on my face.

After stepping onto the rink floor I realized that skating is all about balance. I ended up using what I learned about balance and control from both skiing and skateboarding. In skateboarding you bend your legs, lean forward and use your upper body to direct the board. In skiing you bend your legs, lean backward and point your toes to direct your skis. With skating, if you lean too far forward, you’ll fall, so you need to lean back, but not too far back because you’ll fall. Lol! My solution: bend knees, lean back slightly keeping hips above ankles and use upper body for steering. I’m sure I looked a sight, but during the two hours there I didn’t fall once! 🙂

This outing has worn me out, but I am glad that I had the opportunity to spend this time with my sisters and learn something new. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

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