Tako-san Magnet

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I Love Tako!

When I was discussing my adorable amigurumi octopi with my friend recently, he really wanted to see one of my Tako-sans’ as a magnet. I had considered the possibility before but never gave it a go due to perceived failures and a shortage of Anna-power. At this time I have a few octopi loitering around, so this evening I made sure to locate a magnet, a Tako-san, my glue gun and dared to be different!


yellow crochet octopus magnet Yellow Tako-san Magnet on Magnetic To-do list.

So far the concerns that I had with the magnet idea are unfounded and I think that he looks just fine crawling up or down the list. I actually want to see all my colors on my fridge now!!! Lol!

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

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