Play Me a Song

The only instrument that I ever learned to play with some proficiency is the guitar. (I ♥ guitar!) When I was a teen I really really wanted to be in a band and I was – technically. When I was 18 I was a part of the vocals for a new band called Lethal 7. We only had one practice and parted ways due to the driving distance between band members… lol! I wasn’t too heartbroken since I was starting college and didn’t have the time. But way before the short lived band, back when I first started my private guitar lessons with Dave at Marshall Music, my goal was to learn how to play Follow Me by John Denver for my parents anniversary. Due to the difficulty of the chords, they had to be simplified for me and every week I practiced different parts of the song with Dave.

When my parent’s anniversary came around, I’m not sure what exactly happened, but I didn’t perform it.  :(( Once private lessons ended I moved into group guitar lessons which I stupidly blew off due to my social life. Not long after that I got involved in music ministry at youth group where I would assist in leading worship songs. After graduation I laid down my pick and really haven’t touched guitar since.

Until now that is! Introducing my new electric guitar Sakura! (I just call it Blossom. ;))


Despite playing for over a year, I never owned my own guitar so this is my first one! 😀 😀 😀 I’ve always wanted an electric guitar (’cause they’re cool!) – specifically the Warlock Black Agathis with Silver Bevels and the Widow Head-stock. I drooled over that pretty piece in the Guitar Center catalog for ages and had that description memorized! Lol! In college I had tried one out (without silver bevels) and was turned off by how heavy it was! D:< That desire was no longer existent when I purchased Blossom. 🙂


So as a part of my Golden Year Project I decided that I wanted to finally play Follow Me for my parents anniversary. 🙂


And with decisions come sacrifices…


My long nails had to go. 😥 (I know how to grow them out if I really want them back)


I was really stoked when I found someone on YouTube who simplified the chords for the song into D, G, C, A which I was able to start recalling pretty quickly. So after two weeks of practice…


I did it! 😀 So many things could’ve went better with my first performance in 10 years, but I had a very forgiving audience.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

Golden Year Project status: 7/28

  1. 2/14/2015: Oh Canada!
  2. 2/20/2015: Just do it! A Morning on the Slopes
  3. 2/28/2015: Facing the Rockwall
  4. 3/10-12/2015: The Amazing Chi-Town!
  5. 3/18/2015: On Target… or Not.
  6. 4/11/2015: The Tridge
  7. 4/17/2015: Play Me a Song

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