On Target… Or Not.

Evening Y’all!

Today I went to the Introduction to Firearms class through Schoolcraft College’s Continuing Education program in Livonia. I have never touched a gun before and thought it sounded like an interesting new experience. 

After some difficulty in locating the facility I finally arrived! (Thank goodness for GPS – I don’t know what I’d do without it! lol)image

Had to sign off on several waivers to participate in the class.imageMe intently watching the instructors…


My station. I decided to try the 9mm pistol.


50 bullets! 6 fit in the magazine at a time.


My first loaded magazineimage

First round shooters up.


The aftermath… My aim was less than amazing. Maybe another time…?image

Overall it was a cool experience and didn’t break the bank. However it would have gone a lot better if I had been caught up on sleep from my Chicago trip and had eaten dinner. Oh well, live and learn. ^_^;

Fifth one down! Twenty-three to go. 😉

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

Golden Year Project status: 5/28

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  3. 2/28/2015: Facing the Rockwall
  4. 3/10-12/2015: The Amazing Chi-Town!
  5. 3/18/2015: On Target… or Not.

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