Knowing My Mind


I recently started my weight loss journey and have upped my gym time and reduced my snack purchases. Despite these rather significant changes, it took four weeks to lose a pound and some change. After my doctor’s appointment yesterday I realized I am going to need to make some more committed changes and face my “mortal enemy” …the food tracker. (lol) Food tracking is something I’ve disliked since I was a teen. Being tied down to logging my food portions and calorie counts when there’s so many components and it only takes a second to consume seems like a bad deal so… I don’t do it. However this is the same thinking that gave me all these pesky extra pounds to contend with. If I don’t know what I’m eating… how can I have a nourishing diet or achieve a lasting weight loss? Not gonna happen. So tracking it is.


After I went to the gym today I was really tired and hungry so I went to McDonald’s drive-thru. I ordered the grilled chicken wrap and a large diet Dr. Pepper. I was advised that they were out of grilled chicken and it would be an 8 minute wait – unless I wanted to have crispy… <-Temptation: Speed, Ease, Convenience… The little voice inside said,  Plus it’s a lot more calories.

I politely declined and said that I would wait.

When I pulled up to the window they told me that the diet that I ordered was out and offered to swap to a diet Coke which I accepted and was pulled up to wait for my wrap. When I took a sip of my pop I was surprised that it was Dr. Pepper. Did they actually have the diet or did they give me regular? I rarely drink regular pop and it took a few sips for me to realize that it was indeed regular. <-Temptation: Drink it. You already have it. It would be wasteful,  inconvenient and take more time to get it replaced… The little voice inside said,  Plus it’s a lot more calories.

I set my jaw and waited 8+ minutes for a crew member to bring my wrap. When she came, I asked for the drink to be replaced. After she walked away, I looked in my bag and… it was a crispy wrap. That was it.

I brought that wrap back in myself. Got my replacement drink and then a crew member when bagging my new wrap asked if I had fries with that. I said “no”. And then “no” again. And then the lady at the front counter was like “Are you really really sure?”

Yes. I am really really sure.” And I got my bag and left.

A month ago I would have caved after experiencing so many temptations and inconveniences. However, I am working too hard to consume all the calories that I just burned, just because it is “inconvenient” to get what I ordered.

One thing that is becoming crystal clear is that weight loss is a battle and unless I know my mind, I won’t be losing weight. And that is not acceptable.

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