Be Sealed with the Holy Spirit…

My younger brother was recently confirmed. In the Catholic church children are baptized as babies through the will of their parents and they receive the Holy Spirit. In Confirmation which usually takes place in 8th grade is when the teen decides for his or herself to make their faith their own and receive a greater infilling of the Holy Spirit when the chrism is used to seal the holy spirit at the hands of the bishop. 

We also had a lovely dinner party for him which included these awesome custom wrapped chocolates.


My Mom made these custom scripture chocolates for my brother’s party.



I believe she found the idea on Pintrest… 🙂

Following Fr. Ben Leutke’s advice about not buying junk for people, my older brother and I purchased a quality crucifix from December’s in Southgate to give to our brother after the confirmation mass. 🙂


The crucifix my older brother and I bought for him.

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San


2 thoughts on “Be Sealed with the Holy Spirit…

  1. Dear Anna San,
    Very nice use of photos and description of the sacrament. I have been to December’s many times. It is a very good place to purchase religious items. It seems that you and your older brother have been confirmed already. Perhaps experience that helped you to decide what would be a quality Confirmation gift. Best wishes.

    God bless,

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