Gaia Aquariums


Unhappy Fish

Once upon a time I was addicted to Gaia Online. My favorite haunts were zOMG!, and Gaia Aquariums. Between those two the aquarium forum was the faster way to go for earning gold. People pay real money to stock their tank with fish and have to care for them every day to make their fish happy. Happiness is achieved by adding decorations to the aquarium, feeding them and making sure that the lighting,


Lighting Settings



Music Settings

and temperature are all to their liking.


Temperature Settings

There are incompatible fish and you can have fish instantly die when you add them.


Fish died as soon as I added it to the tank. WTC?

When the aquarium health is at 100% (this takes months to achieve btw) your fish will have multiple “glows” daily which allows others to play a gold drop game called Booty Grab. Whatever they earn off your tank you also receive a percentage payout.


Highest Captured Score

I loved playing Booty Grab and was determined to build an aquarium of my own that would net me a lot of gold without having to play constantly. Unfortunately, with all the changing rules, real money “invested” and massive time commitment for tank promotion, I never reached that goal. Although somewhat disappointing, I am glad that phase is over and that I have moved on to much more meaningful ventures.

Have you ever been a Gaian?

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San