It Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas…

Today we had our very first snow of the season!  I don’t know about you but snow has a way of making me think of Christmas …and holiday food. Mmm… Doesn’t bread pudding sound really good right now? So while I was driving home I switched over to 100.3 (who is already playing Christmas music) and… immediately changed the station! XD Apparently I’m not quite ready for the holiday. 🙂

On the topic of music, I was going through my playlists and was rediscovering some of my old favorite “Anime tunes.” Some are from Anime and others… I’m not really sure.

  • Douten – Naruto Shippuden
  • Beautiful Amulet – Yukari Tamura
  • Flame – Witch Hunter Robin
  • Run Rabbit Junk – Ghost in the Shell OST 1
  • Obsession -.hack//sign OST
  • Egg of the Dream – Rahexephon OST 1
  • Secret Ambition – Mizuki Nana
  • You – Kazami
  • White Destiny – Pretear opening
  • Animato – Utada Hikaru

It is just so weird! I used to listen to these (and more) all the time! I wonder why I ever stopped… hmm. 

Do you have any favorite anime tunes?