Mochi Icecream – Cooking With Dog

Ah, mochi icecream, how I love you so! I’ve mentioned it in my blog posts Mochi Icecream! and Japanese Snacks and a Daruma but here is an actual video on how to make it by the Youtube channel CookingWithDog. I haven’t tried making it myself – though I’m really tempted!

Does anyone know where to get sweet rice flour locally?



2 thoughts on “Mochi Icecream – Cooking With Dog

  1. Mochiko is probably going to be the easiest to find! Most grocery stores have it! Try looking in the baking section first, it’s often near the corn starch and such. (It’s popular for making pizza crusts and sauces, as well as a substitute for people with wheat allergies.) If it’s not there, try the Asian foods, or specially/heath section. “Blue Star” is the most common brand, it’s made in Hawaii. Look for a small white box, about the size of a mac and cheese package!
    Shiratamako, the type of pebbly looking flour shown in the video; is going to be a bit harder, you’ll need to find an import market for that. The local Japanese market near me usually has it, but not always. The general Asian market almost never does…

    • Thank you for the info! I’ve scoured the Asian food section, but haven’t spent much time in the baking aisle. I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled the next time I’m out. 🙂

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