One fateful Saturday morning I awoke to game sounds I had never heard before. My brother was 5 levels into Muramasa the Demon Blade for the Nintendo Wii. Captivated, I settled myself onto my usual perch and enjoyed watching him play. 🙂


My brother hasn’t gotten far enough into the game to see the dude on the right.


This is pretty close to when I started watching my brother. As you can see ,the backgrounds are fantastic!


Once again the backgrounds are amazing. This room reminds me of the rustic tea houses.


Interesting foes.


One of my favorite parts: breaking in and stealing! Whenever we saw an open door we’d both be like “Oooo. Yoink!”

Muramasa is chock full of Japanese spirits, ninja and …harlots. An interesting play to be sure but I’m more than happy to just watch. 🙂

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