Facebook Fried Rice

A few days ago someone had shared an easy recipe for fried rice on Facebook. This recipe is so easy that even I can make it! 🙂 (Sorry about the blurry progress photos – I chose the best available.)



Boil 2 c water. Add 1 tbs of margarine.


Measure 1 c rice


Stir in rice


Cover and Simmer your rice for 15 minutes


Set aside.

Stir-fry Vegetables


Heat pan and add 3 tbsp of sesame oil. Chop one small onion and stir-fry to translucency.


Add 1 cup of (thawed) peas and carrots (I added broccoli too). Stir-fry to preference.

Adding Egg


Lightly beat 2 eggs


Shove your vegetables to the side and add the egg. Make sure to scramble!

Pulling it Together


Measure out a 1/4 cup of Soy sauce


Add the rice and soy sauce to the pan. Mix thoroughly and fry to desired texture.


Voila! It’s done!

It was really easy and I had all the ingredients on hand! I also think it tastes way better than the fried rice at the local Chinese buffet. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San♥

5 thoughts on “Facebook Fried Rice

    • The total calories for the recipe is about 1330 by adding up the individual amounts. Not sure about anything else though…

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