Cosplay Plans: Phase 2 part 2

I attempted to finish my skirt this evening but to no avail. Boohooey…  All of us were too distracted I guess! Nina got her ears pierced today and was showing off her new earrings, I was munching onigiri and Maru was looking up kinokonoyama mushroom snacks. What a great crowd, eh? 😀

The mistakes I made when I worked on my skirt last, slowed progress today. (Eh heh) I squiggle stitched the casing on the waistband so it wasn’t wide enough for the elastic to lie flat. D’oh! I fully repented my misdeeds and did penance by seam ripping it after the girls left. (It took forever!) T^T

Today I had to remeasure and repin the casing followed by pressing the casing flat. Maru took over and pinned in the lining for me….


…which we discovered was too wide for the skirt. (…different seam allowances d’oh!) Maru had to leave and instructed me to have Nina help pin the excess fabric so it could be serged off. However, Nina was having problems with downloading pictures off her camera so I got to play “geek squad” while she pinned.  ^^;


When Maru returned, she fired up the serger and got the lining started… which I let her finish because the fabric is really slippery. (I’m such a wimp!)


So it is now prepped for tomorrow and I will be the one who does all the major sewing. *fingers crossed!*

Anna, FAITO!


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