Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat

I’ve owned Naomi Moriyama’s cookbook since 2007 and this is first time I’ve actually seen this video!

The introduction was quite captivating which compelled me to buy the book and inspired my heroic effort to make several recipes from it. However, the ingredients called for in most of her recipes were unfamiliar and unavailable locally. (I had to Google almost all the ingredients) On top of that it was my first time making Japanese cuisine let alone tasting it… So yeah. I gave up.

Since I abandoned the book I’ve had a lot more success from following along with the YouTube channel “CookingWithDog” and the book “Let’s Cook Japanese Food” by Amy Kaneko.

“Good luck in the kitchen!”


One thought on “Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat

  1. I lost around 10 kilos my first year here. In the West the meat is the main part of the meal, but in Japan, it’s the rice. That took some adjustment, but I’m slimmer and healthier for it : )

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