Mother’s Day Preparations~!

Tomorrow is Mother’s day and I don’t know about you, but my Mom has some pretty high expectations of how her many children will bless her on this special day…

So the traditional gifts for mother’s day are pretty similar to other holiday/event gifts. Such as flowers, candy, health and beauty items, breakfast lovingly burned- I mean prepared, love coupons, handmade cards and items, jewelry etc. Except in the case of Mother’s day, you want to remind her that she has children and you’re thankful that she gave you life. So commence the mom-ized items! 🙂

This year the offerings include:

The Handmade Card

Made by my little sis Nina



The Special Corsage


Selected by moi. (instead of a generic bouquet)


The Personalized Jewelry


Almost a decade ago my mom bought her own custom birthstone necklace (similar to the one pictured above) and she loved it! However, after only a few weeks of use, one of the charms slipped off the heart and was never seen again. The store that it was ordered through couldn’t order replacement charms – she would’ve had to have bought a whole new necklace. Needless to say my mom didn’t wear it after that. 😦

But it is my desire to overcome this negative memory and try again!

So the base for the custom birthstone necklace was a gorgeous silver necklace with a heart pendant that I ordered from MaiJewelryShop on Etsy:


 Then toss in the custom birthstone charms I ordered from NatureWalkJewelry on Etsy:


And then combined into one necklace by moi. 🙂



I had to play around with several ideas before I came up with the “least likely to get lost” attachment solution. (the charms are attached to the pendant instead of the chain)

And then last but not least:

Personal H & B Products

…Which my sister Maru has squirreled away to surprise mom with. 😉

Are you ready for Mother’s Day?

Leave me some love!

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