What Happened to Michigan?!

Found this sweet custom “Long Distance Love” necklace on Etsy and WTC?! What happened to Michigan?!


Excuse me Esty-en, fyi Michigan does NOT look like a blob.

3 thoughts on “What Happened to Michigan?!

    • I have seen it as well and it really irks me. Michigan’s shape is one of the most defined areas of the entire country. Michigan also hosts the largest body of fresh water in the entire world, has a wealth of natural resources and has been a place of industry for a very long time. Fickle weather aside, Michigan truly has a lot of bragging rights, yet people have a tendency to forget.

      • as i have passed through life most people see only detroit and with the current state of the city… i am originally from st clair shores just north of detroit and cannot help but feel detroit is in the birthing state of something new and greater.

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