MI Pinball Expo 2013!

Just came back from a fun-filled afternoon at the Michigan Pinball Expo at Oakland University! Five of my siblings and I spent the whole time tag teaming multiplayer games. I believe I played 89% of the available non-tournament machines and boy do my fingers feel it! The highlight of the trip was finally playing the Simpsons Pinball machine!!! I’ve been wanting to play that machine since my first expo in 2011! Sadly I never did hear Homer say “D’oh!” – the hall was too noisy with ding-a-dings  clang-clangs and clack-a-clack of the flippers. Lots of people, lots of machines, lots of fun! 

MI Pinball Expo runs through Sunday! For more information, please check out their website @ www.MIPinball.com!


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