New Art Supplies

Today I stopped by Dick Blicks on the corner of Michigan Ave and Schlaff in Dearborn. Not much has changed since I first shopped there for school supplies in 2005. One thing that has though, is prices. Don’t get me wrong, the supplies that I needed for Drawing 1, Drawing 2, 2D Design etc. wasn’t cheap – even back then! Several times my card was declined because I didn’t have enough in my account. But the paint that I used for 2D Design that I had paid $5 a tube for then, are now $11 each – at a reduced price! WTC?! I did pick up some less expensive paint tubes that were $6 each on sale (whooo). I also picked up a .3 refill for my new drafting pencil – which apparently came with only one HB lead inside… >:[ And a select assortment of Prismacolor Verathin pencils! Yay! Ever since I watched BlueRoseArkelle’s videos on Verathin vs. Premier pencils (which I couldn’t see the difference, btw), I’ve wanted to try them out for myself. Which I am going to do right now…

…Huzzah! I now know the difference! 😀


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